Energy Landscapes


The student project was a part of the SLU project MDHAP (Marknadsdriven Detaljplanelagd Hortikulturell och Akvatisk Produktion) at Tillväxt Trädgård. The project aimed to develop methods and tools that could be used by municipalities and farmers to plan and develop new large scale greenhouses. A primary objective was to create Swedish greenhouses that are competiteve on the market by using industrial ecologies with the reuse of excess energy, CO2 and organic matter. The project was a collaboration between the Swedish University of Agricultural studies, Karlshhamn municipality, EOn, Ramböll and other partners.

The project area was pointed out in Karlshamn comprehensive plan as an area for large scale greenhouse production. The municipality´s vison is that local production will supply the municipality with food.

I was part of a group with three other students presenting the project “Catch me!”.

As I was very interested in the subject I decided to continue researching the project in my master thesis (it is written in swedish with a short english summary).

Turning the Arken landscape


The art museum Arken is situated in Ishøj approximately 20 minutes away (by train) from Copenhagen. It is placed in an area of manmade lagoons, a harbor and it also lies near a popular beach with a surrounding recreational park planted in the 1970s. The beach draws many visitors from the capital. The connection between the beach and Arken is today a shared parking space.

Søren Robert Lund originally designed Arken to rest directly on the shoreline, interacting with the ocean and offering majestic views over the water. Because of development laws, the building was pushed back 300m and rotated 180 degrees, which drastically changed Arken’s relationship with the surrounding landscape, as well as the intended viewlines.

The task was designing the new outdoor area in order to connect the museum with the rest of the landscape and to enhance the original architectural idea of a stranded ship. The project was designed with AutoCad CIVIL and 3D-models were made. The inital stage was a group work and then personal work in the last stage.

The Scanian Cirle

Skärmavbild 2014-01-05 kl. 18.04.29

The project included infrastructure large scale planning with a focus on the development of the city of Ystad in southeast of Scania. I was a part of a group of students who presented the project “Den skånska cirkelen”. Including strategies for housing development and infrastructure priorities taking rising sea levels into consideration.


Visual merchandising

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Some like it green, others prefer blue. Running trough the landscape like a tiger, burning through time. Painting the world for mum. Creating new fantasies and giving them substance. Ordering, collecting, thinking and spreading. Mastering the pen, letting the pen master you. Dreaming, visualising and feeling. Formulating those deepest emotions, creating new ways of thought. But mostly just doing something that looks quite nice, like illustrations, webpages, gift cards, paintings, webgraphics. Maybe even movies, animations, maps and sketches. Creation, creative, creature, custard. Bring it on!