Jens Hjälte Håkansson is a talented translator/linguist/writer with a real love of words and languages (spoken, written and signed). Sökning på Jens.

Imke Harms realized a dream of hers; traveling through Europe and writing a book about female farmers. She comes from Germany, and as a daughter to a farmer she has the opportunity to inherit the family farm and continue the tradition. But first, as the born-to-be scientific researcher she is (with a masters degree in Agriculture), she felt the need to see how other female farmers choose to lead their lives as well as their farms. Therefore she researched the situation of female farmers in Europe. Visit Imke Harms travel blog

Evastina Pauly is a very talented designer and craftswoman from the south of Sweden. Visit Evastina’s website

Open source design and planning tools

Inkscape is a free illustration tool for vector based art and design.

Gimp is a free image manipulation tool.

Blender is a free 3D creation and rendering tool.

QGIS is a free geographic information system tool.

Skalgubbar is a source of free “cut out people” to use in projects. If people from Skalgubbar is used by me on this site it is noted on the images.

Open street map is a project collecting street maps of the world, everyone can contribute with their knowledge of places.